Wellington Airport terminal extention

Wellington Airport has commenced the $58m, 6000sqm extension of its main terminal. When the terminal opened in 1999, 9,500 passengers flowed through the airport each day. This has increased to 15,000 on average with busy days reaching up to 20,000. Steve Sanderson, Chief Executive of Wellington Airport, said “the extension to the terminal and apron will ensure the Wellington region continues to provide a world class, vibrant experience for an ever growing number of travellers.”


“The extension will provide a refreshing, open space with easy movement throughout the terminal, clear signs and a centralised screening point for all passengers. It will be a very comfortable place to welcome and farewell visitors, family and friends.”


The airport has appointed Hawkins as the main contractor for the extension, which will take around one and a half years to complete.


Sub-contracting to Hawkins Construction, ER Construction welcomes the opportunity to be a part of the building and construction team responsible to help turn this exciting project into reality.